Jean-Baptiste GURY - Founder and consultant

In the world of software development for more than 15 years, I continued as Technical Leader and project leader, supervising offshore teams in different industrial companies and piloting several projects as an external consultant ensuring good performance on time, costs and qualities required. That' how I worked for players like PSA Group, AirFrance-KLM or Flowbird, but also for smaller companies looking to conquer the markets.

I realized that the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises are defined by the digital technology market and that the answers to these issues must match with the needs, but also to the capacities of companies to acquire them. This is why CambiaTech strives to meet the needs of companies with simple, tailored solutions, while benefiting from a maximum of expertise. This can be specific developments of adaptations of open source products or products with a common response.

CMS such as Wagtail make it possible to feed content easily via an extensible platform, offering REST services where different applications (including mobile) can be supported.

The Odoo platform has been chosen by CambiaTech to provide a fast and efficient response for small and medium-sized companies, while benefiting from numerous possibilities to extend capacities or specify specific business needs.

I have been able to work on many ERPs for different industires: solutions often developed because they are easier to meet their own needs, but at a cost that can sometimes explode. A mixed solution allows you to reduce costs while guaranteeing product quality. It remains to maximize the value for your own business by customizing this base on your own business processes.

For ad hoc project needs, CambiaTech can work with specialist local consultants to meet specific requirements. This outsourcing is taken care of in your project.