Digital transformation


Today at your side, for your futur changes

Your partner for information technology in Franche-Comté, expert near to you.

Together, let's define your goals, build your ideas and make a sustainable collaboration based on trust


With the greatest kindness, we are carefull to your needs, share your difficulties. This empathy allows us to identify your needs, understand your processes and design the solution that will maximize the value.


Proactive in our solutions, watching the markets, the expertise of our business brings you innovative, relevant, valuable and sustainable solutions. This approaches drives us so that digital solutions are the most suitable for your development.


Franche-Comté hosts your experts. We draw our knowledge and being on a global scale. Our local involvement contributes to the technological influence of the region around the world, while being closest to you and your expectations.

Artisan électricien Boutique de vente Artisan pâtissier

Crafts(wo)men, entrepreneurs, simplify your tasks, follow them on your smartphone from your work sites. Remotely control your stocks, your follow-ups.

Create your advertising storefronts, showroom on screen.


Protect your business from cyber crime, we define with you the strategy for protecting your business, the audits necessary to establish a good defense. We train your team to know the threats and adopt the right actions to defend your business.

Vente en ligne/e-commerce

Achieve your digital transformation by designing your customer-centric solution. Capture the market via a web solution and follow your potentials from your smartphone.